Pymatuning Attractions

There’s plenty to do while vacationing at PA Pymatuning Lake Cottage. Below are some of the attractions in the area:

  • Pymatuning State Park – Visit their web site at: You’ll find plenty of information about Pymatuning, Boating, Shopping, commercial businesses, phone numbers etc.
  • Pymatuning Spillway – Located in Linesville, Pymatuning Spillway is a must see attraction where the ducks walk on the fishes backs and fight for bread thrown to them.
  • Six Flags of Ohio – Located in eastern Cleveland about a 1 1/2 hour drive from Pymatuning.
  • Andover Golf Course – This is a nine hole course with carts, clubhouse and pro-shop.
  • Pymatuning Water Slides – On Ohio route 322 between Andover and Jamestown, this water park includes waterslides, bumper boats and plenty more!
  • PA Fish Hatchery – On the way to Linesville, PA Fish Hatchery is open to the public sunrise to sunset year round.
  • Waterfowl Museum – Located next to the PA Fish Hatchery, the Waterfowl Museum is a tranquil elevated location were you can see Bald Eagles. Watch them nest and fly, as well as view the many species of birds and animals in the Museum.
  • Conneaut Lake Park – A fifteen minute drive from the cottage, Conneaut Lake Park includes amusements, picnic groves, a waterpark, and restaurants.
  • Restaurants – There are many resteraunts in Andover and Conneaut; check out an extensive list here.
  • Food Shopping – You don’t have to bring food from home – shop at the Sparkle Market in Andover.
  • Things for the kids – In addition to the attractions listed above, the kids can go swimming at the nearby Andover and Tuttle beaches; go fishing
    in boats or on the Causeway; view the Dam in Jamestown; visit Deer Park in Jamestown; or go hiking and biking.
  • Things for the Adults – relax on the front porch, and read. Talk to the kids sitting around the fire ring in the evening.