Pymatuning State Park

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Pymatuning Spillway

Located in Linesville, Pymatuning Spillway is a must see attraction where the ducks walk on the fishes backs and fight for bread thrown to them.

Andover Golf Course

This is a nine hole course with carts, clubhouse and pro-shop.

PA Fish Hatchery

On the way to Linesville, PA Fish Hatchery is open to the public sunrise to sunset year round.

Waterfowl Museum

Located next to the PA Fish Hatchery, the Waterfowl Museum is a tranquil elevated location were you can see Bald Eagles. Watch them nest and fly, as well as view the many species of birds and animals in the Museum.

Conneaut Lake Park

A fifteen minute drive from the cottage, Conneaut Lake Park includes amusements, picnic groves, a waterpark, and restaurants.


There are many resteraunts in Andover and Conneaut.


Groceries and other necessities can all be found nearby.